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Selling your achievements in your CV

Selling your achievements in your CV

As a career and personal development coach it never ceases to amaze me how often candidates still omit to talk about their achievements within their CV.

So many CV's elaborate on roles and responsibilities, but miss their key achievements made which employers are looking for. People like to read interesting stories rather than lists of what you did, so create your achievement stories, include tasters in your CV and expand on them in detail when you get to the interview. Choose a situation that allows you to describe an achievement in a story form, which ideally leaves the reader wanting to know more, but make sure you state what you did and what the result was.

When asked in an interview to elaborate on this achievement it then allows you to explain what you learnt and how this can greatly help your future employer, should they employ you.

I know this seems like basic common sense, but believe me so many people DO NOT do this either in their CV's or in their interview, if they are lucky enough to get one.

Your CV is not only a record of what you have done and achieved, its your script of how you tell a prospective employer how you can benefit them and there should be sufficient clues in it to prompt questions for which you already have the answers prepared.

Remember, 'if you can't describe accurately what you can do and how you can benefit a future employer, then how can you hope to sell yourself'. People need to know how good you are and what you can do for them otherwise how are you going to make a difference?

If you want to know more about how to sell yourself better in interviews, do get in touch through my web site.

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