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Your Body Language can change who you are.

Your Body Language can change who you are.

I have wondered over the years as a coach and mentor, as well as an employer, why there is such a difference in the attitude and dynamics of individuals who come for interviews, make presentations and generally react in social situations. I have come to the conclusion a big part of the answer is 'Body language'

I want you to do something for me now or when you are next in a social situation, job interview or a business meeting and that is do a time out and check your body posture. What is it like, is it closed, arms folded, hunched or is it big, open almost laid back?

You see body language is a form of communication and you know we can make sweeping judgements from communication, so equally we make sweeping judgements from peoples body language. I guess you can buy into this easily enough, but so often we forget that we ourselves are massively influenced by our own none verbal body language.

If we are standing hunched or sat with our arms folded and curled up we often feel powerless or self conscious, whereas if we are standing tall, opened up, proud, we often feel or indicate power and dominance and self confidence.

If you don't believe me just think about all the times you have done something really good like win a race or cheering on your horse in the grand national, or achieve something you have been trying to do for some time, what do you do? Quite often you might punch the air, hold both arms up in celebration, laugh and smile broadly etc and those gestures make you feel great don't they as well as others?

So, does our none verbal communication govern how we feel about ourselves? We know our minds can change our bodies, but also our bodies CAN change our minds.

There has been many studies on this with interviews, risk taking and social situations and in the very high percentage of all cases, people who show positive opened up body language get hired more, take more risk, which ultimately produces a higher success rate and interact positively with more people than those that stay closed in their body language.

So next time you are waiting for a job interview or to make a presentation or going to a party where you don't know many people stand tall, throw your arms up or place them on your hips for two minutes (preferably in the bathroom or a private place!) and see what happens to your testosterone levels, self confidence and level of enthusiasm, it really is amazing over time how this can have a positive effect and if you don't feel it then do it anyway and fake it, in fact fake it until you become it.

Remember small positive changes done regularly equals big changes.

Get in touch through my web site if you want help with this, I would be happy to help.

Gary Proctor



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