Do you REALLY know what you want ?

Are you READY for change ?

Do people know how GOOD you are ?

Do you know what it takes to find the job you love ?

Would like a personal MENTOR ?

Aim to Grow

Helping you reach Your Full Potential

Do you knowwhat you want?

Whether you are a student, post graduate, employee, returning to full time work after an absence or unemployed, do you know what you ideally want to do and can you articulate it with feeling and in a totally defensible way? Many people don't so if you are not sure you are not alone. I am here to help you find the answer to that question so you can have a clear strategy for your next step in the world of work.

The Start Point

Ask yourself this, "who knows what you do and what you want, more importantly what you might be able to do for them?"

Who are you letting know and how are you going about it?

Before you do you have to start with the right preparation so:-

  • Are you fully prepared?
  • Do you know whats expected of you?
  • Can you articulate it?
  • Is your CV, key achievements, interview techniques and Network fit for purpose?

I can coach you to get fully prepared for the world of your work.

Stand out

  • How do you stand out
  • What is 'brand you'?
  • What are your key achievements, features and benefits to an employer?
  • How do you sell them?

We all have our unique strengths and I can coach you to define yours.

Finding theJob you Love

The most powerful benefit you have is your personal network, you may not realise this yet or even feel you have an effective network but I can guarantee you do, it just takes some coaching and simple steps to polish your own network and develop a plan to grow it over the coming years turning it into a true life skill and investment for your future that can pay amazing dividends over time.

  • Network
  • Network
  • Network

A scary word to many but believe me I can coach you in developing your personalised Network, not just for success, but for life.


I believe in staying with you offering mentoring support even after your career choice is successfully made. It's all part of a very bespoke service.